How Responsive Web Design Can Increase Conversion From Mobile Devices?

mobile conversionGoogle is the biggest promoter of responsive web design. One of the most popular tech news portals, Mashable claimed that 2013 was the year of responsive website design. But still wondering if responsive web design is a solution for increasing mobile conversations and leveraging higher revenues? Read on folks.

The sales of mobile devices have gone beyond what was anticipated by the experts of the niche and it is still increasing at a fast pace all across the world. According to a recent report, more than 55% of USA based mobile consumers have smartphones today. If you are a business who wants to tap your share of revenues from this smartphone and tablet era, you need to enhance the mobile experience of your website.

Why Responsive Web Design?

This particular design type is a liquid and flexible layout that is capable to adjust itself effectively to fit all different sizes of screens, devices and resolutions. In a layman language, whether you access your website from a smartphone, a table or from your desktop system, you will find that the website is automatically getting adjusted to various devices such that your user experience isn’t compromised.

Even if you experiment with your browser window by making it smaller and larger, all content of a responsive web design will shrink and enlarge automatically to ensure same user experience. Isn’t it cool?

Here are some key reasons that contribute to the immense popularity and booming demand of responsive website design. This will help you learn why hiring responsive website design India based company makes a smart choice.


responsive web designYou two need to build different websites – one for desktop users and another dedicated to mobile user. You simply need to invest time and money in a single web development. Besides this, a responsive website is a key to provide your site visitors with a cohesive brand experience, no matter if they are accessing your website using their lapt0p, smartphone or tablet.

A Big SEO Advantage

All the backlinks and social media bookmarks are directed to one website URL. So, this shall not come as a big surprise to you that Google advocates for responsive websites.

Effective Content Sharing on Social Media

effective content sharing

When you have developed a responsive website for your business or blog, there is only one URL all your site visitors will encounter while sharing content across different social media platforms. The users will be guaranteed of optimal view from all devices.

Web Traffic Analysis Becomes Easy And Quick

You get one stop destination to have a comprehensive idea of your web traffic.

A Full-Proof Web Design Solution

No matter which new mobile device is launched into the market in the upcoming years, responsive website can adjust to all devices by shifting the content to the needed resolution.

To conclude your product or service based website has to look same on all mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, and on the desktop computer. Responsive web design is the answer. Not just it will save you a huge chunk of money but increase conversion rate of your website.

Looking for the best responsive web design Company? Look no further than Satvik Infotech.

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Are You Losing Customers? 10 Things You Should Know To Convert Customers on Your Ecommerce Store

blog header image convert more customer

Ecommerce stores are everywhere across the internet and people are seen thriving these stores to shop for everything they need. This has led to frenzy amongst these e-store owners to convert visitors into dedicated customers. But somehow, they fail to capitalize on opportunities that are completely in their scope and power. If these things are taken care of during eCommerce web development, then these store owners can be assured of better conversion rates.

Formulas to adopt for converting visitors to customers

Listed here with are 10 sure shot methods to convert customers when they visit your website.

1. Standard images
This is very critical for success. Use only high quality pictures of products to attract customers. Visitors will shoo away from shabby presentation and images. Have these pictures from different angles to provide clarity and aid selection.

2. Good product description
The description you provide for your products needs to be comprehensive. This renders complete understanding about your product and provokes visitors to purchase them.

3. Support is the key
People often ignore support. Once the sale is done, forgeting about it is the usual tendency; however, this is not correct. When you provide after sales support, trust increases with regards to your site and this in turn provides repeat business.

4. Varied options to pay
Most of the people who purchase online are wary of sharing credit card details. This makes it a wise decision to provide multiple options to make payments. This can act as a booster for more conversions.

5. Promote, promote and promote
Techniques you use for selling need to be structured around different channels. This will boost the number of visitors to your site and convert them into your customers. It is better if you use responsive web design during your ecommerce web development initiative.

6. Search and filter option
Good navigation, proper search options and collaborative filter options are needed to support buyers to find the right product. The least time they spend in finding their pick, better it is for you.

7. Comparison charts
It again needs to be stressed here that just having a responsive web design and an ecommere store running is not enough. You need to build trust. If you allow visitors to compare prices, they will know that their choice is right. This further will build trustworthiness.

8. Reviews are important
Reading testimonials and reviews from past customers always creates an impression on new buyers. Hence, allow people the option to review your site and products. Importantly, if you sell bad things, good reviews can never be accepted. So you know what is suggested here.

9. Promise and deliver
Customer love when they get what is preached. So when you promise to deliver goods in certain time, DO IT!

10. Don’t keep them in dark
If you expect to charge for shipping, mention it clearly. If you ask for shipping charges on delivery, this will frustrate customers. So be honest and mention every detail on your website regarding these charges if any.

So follow these 10 tips to boost customer trust and eventually watch your conversion rate accentuating.

We at Satvik Infotech can help you to build an eCommerce website with above features. We understand the value of a customer for an eCommerce website. Get a quote now to develop an effective eCommerce website for your business!

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Tips and Tricks to Select Best WordPress Themes for Your Next Business Website

best wordpress theme

Selecting themes for business websites is the base which determines the site’s future. A good theme will make a lasting impression on minds of visitors and also aid in search engine optimization purposes. The design structure plays a vital role to boost the number of dedicated visitors to your website and grows your business eventually.

Industry Relevant Theme

Though this is quite obvious, many fail to realize its importance. Picking a theme that is related to your industry is important. This will help visitors to understand your business on the first impression. Hence, when you engage in WordPress web development for your business website, industry specific theme selection gains prominence. Avoid being generic and be specific. Opting for low budget options to begin with will not help. Hence, invest in good and relevant themes initially to grab visitor attention.

Simplicity Works Wonders

Though the market is flooded with loads of free options with regards to WordPress web development themes, many of them are complex. Though they look wonderful, complex navigation and functionality is troublesome. It is recommended that you opt for custom themes, rather than the free versions. Further, simplicity is possible only with customization as otherwise you have just two options; one is free but not good enough and the other is paid but complex.

Responsive Is the Way Forward

responsive design

Having a responsive WordPress theme will work a long way for you. People these days view websites on different devices. This makes it imperative that you choose a responsive theme to keep visitors hooked onto your site.

Browser Compatibility

Just selecting any theme due to its visual appearance is not enough. It needs to be adaptable with different browsers. The website you develop needs to be compatible across browsers as you cannot predict which browser visitors will use. Though you may hear suggestions as to ignore anything that is old, it is better to play safe than repent later on. Remember, there are still plenty of web users who use older version of browsers.

What Is Your Business Purpose?

This one is the most important of all. You need to have a clear idea about your business goals and what you expect from your website. Avoid unnecessary information collection from visitors. This is sure to frustrate them. Use this only if it cannot be avoided. Again, the business need is important to be identified.


The internet will blast you with numerous free options to download in terms of WordPress themes. However, do not fall prey to this and get lured into downloading one for your website. It is recommended that you opt for the best and choose a customized approach as far as possible. Though you will need to pay initially, this will go a long way for your future prospects.

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10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Front End Developer


For an offshore Web Development Company the requisite for hiring front end web developers is quite common. As the clientele increases the requirement for more and more developers also augments. But sometimes, deciding on which developer is worth the job becomes difficult. Also, if you are hiring an individual front end developer for your website designing or redesigning, you can ask the following questions.

Here are 10 most important questions which you can your front end developer before finalizing him/her for the job.

  1. The first and foremost question which you must ask is “Do you have a personal website”. By checking one’s personal website you can judge the web designing and development skills of the developer to a great extent.
  2. The second imperative question which you must ask is “Do you get measurable business results for your clients”. For example, if you redesigned a website and the sales results for the business augmented owing to redesigning.
  3. The third question which you must ask is “How much do you charge for front end web development”.  Results oriented web development is a expertise oriented process and takes time. So, it is better to stay away from any cheap developers.
  4. The next important question is “How much time would you spend in planning and researching about the business”. Ample of planning and detailed research is important to come up with great web designs.
  5. Another significant question is “Would you develop wireframes before starting on with the actual web designing”. Wire frames are actually the visual representations of at what places the content on your website would be placed. This will give you an idea about how your website would look after development.
  6. The next question which you must as is “Do you believe in creating easy to use website”  Easy to use websites are what users and search engines give preference, so always indulge in getting such websites developed.
  7. One of the most important questions is “Do you carry out profound market research before developing the web designs”? This will help you hire only the competitive and skillful developers.
  8. Next question which you must ask is “Do you indulge in carrying out competitive research as well”.
  9. The next question pertaining to performance of the website should be “Do you offer usability and conversion testing for the website” If you want your website to deliver optimum results, it must be optimized for results and thus you must ask this question to your front end developer.
  10. The most significant question is “Would you conduct an analysis on my current traffic before making any design decisions”. Today, the success of a website depends on how much traffic it is attracting and thus, you must ask about this.
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10 Questions You Should Ask To a PHP Web Development Company

php blog image

When you are new to web development and looking for a web Development Company for your web development requisites, hiring the right company becomes a difficult task. Often, people new to the business are not able to understand all the technical terms and jargon used in the software and web development industry. Also, it becomes difficult for them to differentiate between the two web development organizations in terms of quality they will offer. Moreover, there are doubts about which of these companies will be able to do justice with all the specifications required.

Here are some imperative questions that can help you decide which PHP web development company you should hire in order to get desired results and captivating websites:

  1. The first thing which you must ask your potential PHP developer is “Can I check your portfolio”. By checking their portfolio you can have a look at their previous works and can figure out whether the websites that they have developed for other clients match with what you are expecting or not.
  2. The second important question that you must as is “Are you going to make my website search engine friendly by optimizing its code for search engines”. Today, the competition on the online platform is very high, and if you do not have a search engine friendly site with an optimized code your website may not be able to deliver its optimum potential.
  3. Third question should be “Would I be able to grow my website with the growth of my company”. Scalability is another important feature that must be incorporated in the website as you cannot afford to get a new website developed every time you expand your company.
  4. Next question should be “Would you use some template to design my website”. Every website has its own unique requisites related to the business its going to serve. Thus, a pre-designed template will not be able to do satisfy all your specifications. You need a custom designed website.
  5. The fifth question should be “Will you give a fresh look to my website”. Studies show that search engines are becoming very stringent in ranking websites and the factors which work in the favor of websites include fresh and unique looks, original content etc.
  6. Another imperative question is “Do you use version control?” Version control is a methodology which helps in tracking changes in the code and it must be used in every website.
  7. “Do you possess an established methodology for tracking bugs? Do you possess a bug database?” This information is necessary to ensure a flawless website working smoothly with any errors.
  8. The next significant question is “Do you indulge in doing user testing” as user testing is very important to ensure proper working of website.
  9. Also, do not forgets to ask about “What all channels do you have through which your clients can communicate with you” as your PHP web development company should be easily accessible.
  10. Last but not the least question should be “Would I be able to update my website myself”?

These are the questions you should ask before hiring any PHP web development company. Still confused? Then please contact Satvik Infotech to get ultimate solution for your needs.

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10 Best Blogs to Follow About WordPress Web Development

wordpress blog to follow

Over 17% of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress today and WordPress development skills are in great demand today and by working with a WordPress web development company one can have a rewarding professional career. However, it is not one of the most difficult things to learn. The more you develop the understanding of the WordPress platform, the easier it becomes to develop your website using the WordPress. WordPress tutorial websites have become a great tool for the WordPress learners to understand the development process in detail and become aware with all its aspects, especially if you want to indulge into offshore web development.

Here are the top 10 blogs which you can follow to learn more about WordPress web development:

WP Beginner
It is one of the most popular and most searched blog over internet. It tackles the common problems related WordPress development and it publishes some in-depth tutorials every week.

Justin Tadlock Blog
Though this blog is not currently active but it possesses a large database of WordPress tutorials focusing on plugin and theme development.

Manage WP
Widely known for its dashboard service, Manage WP also possesses a blog which majorly focuses on making available the guides pertaining to services, themes and plugins.

WP Squared
It is one of the leading WordPress blogs which is regularly updated with tutorials emphasizing on configuring themes and plugins for your website. The posts on this blog are very well written and quite easy to follow.

LevelUp Tutorials
It is another great blog which offers very well presented video tutorials on WordPress web development. The topics that it covers under its video tutorials include Magento, Drupal, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5 etc.

iThemes WordPress Tutorials
This blog possesses a colossal archive of video tutorials and a majority of videos on this blog focus the customization of WordPress and their own products. There are some great tutorials about styling a WordPress website using CSS.

Smashing Magazine
It is one of the most famous design websites present over internet. They have also released several amazing WordPress themes over the years including Frank and Spectacular. Here you can find a vast variety of WordPress web development tutorials covering a large number of topics related with WordPress, CSS, JavaScript and web design techniques.

WP Hub
It is one the leading WordPress blogs which publishes some great tutorials every month. They have also segregated their tutorials under the categories like beginner and intermediate, and the technical subjects are also covered from time to time.

This blog is updated with greatly useful information twice a week, however the tutorials are more for the beginner and intermediate users. Though they also publish some advanced tutorials from time to time.

Pippins Plugins
This is a great tutorial blog if you want to learn about plugins. Each tutorial features a detailed breakdown of all the steps and how code can be integrated into the website.

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Killer Tips to Hire a Magento Development Company

magento development tips

Ecommerce has been changing the global market and every day new things are being introduced into the arena. As such e-commerce website owners need to focus hard on the development platform they choose. Magento, being one of the most popular and widely used development platforms is also the first choice for most. From website customization to back end maintenance and management, Magento brings about a wide variety of tools that has been able to leverage several businesses above competitive levels. If you are looking to present an amazing shopping experience to your customers while easily managing all the online retail process, you need to partner up with the best Magento Web Development Company.

Here are certain things you should be looking out for

  • The first and foremost suggestion would be to look for options through online research. Talk to friends, clients and customers and check whether they would be able to refer a certain development company. Online reviews of Magento Web Development Companies too help you in narrowing the search for a great service.
  • One you narrow down the search, check out each company’s portfolio. This will help you decide whether a company will be skilled enough to handle your project. The ability of a company doesn’t just involve experienced web developers working on your project but also the right infrastructure. It will be easy starting out if you can make a list of your specific requirements off a project. This includes detail list of tools and services you seek to provide in your website, communication channels, customized themes and even your budget. A good magento web development company works hard and it will be easy finding their service.
  • One you choose a couple of finalists, it is always better to meet your web development partners in person. In case you are outsourcing work, social networking accounts of team members can give you a rough idea about his/her experience, expertise and creativity. Always make this background check and this should give you a better idea about the company.
  • Last but not the least; make sure that the magento web development company you choose has credible certifications in the industry, especially if it is an offshore company. These companies may be a part of global IT associations, development standards and codes.

Hiring a Magento web development company is crucial to your business success. As such, leave no stone unturned.

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