5 Simple Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

Best web design and development companyWebsites are very integral part for any business, especially in today’s world. If, in today’s market you don’t have website for your business then there is no way you can survive in the market, it is cyber world as they call it. People have started buying stuff over the internet on the go. So not only website but website supportive of all mobile devices has become important. On the contrary there are many mistakes that people make about their websites. They are very common but have much of effect on the website. Today we will talk about some of the common mistakes that web designers make.

Not accesses easily

Websites that are not accessed easily can have tuff time to survive in the market. Basically if the website is not accessed easily by the visitors than there more then likely change that you will lose traffic. Lot of people look at some of the core elements of your website like, the change in font size if the user changes the text size to small or large. If the website is mobile supported or not. How long does it take to load the page, a good designer will consider all this in the mind and develop such website. Such are things to consider and build website accordingly.

FAQ Is Still There

Lot of times people see that FAQ page has many questions that has no relevancy with the content. And many sites even have stopped using the FAQ page. On the other hand they update relevant content instead FAQ, but it is important. No matter you may seem to be fond of it or not but FAQ always helps to generate more visitors and there people who has many question and can be answered from it and yes, relevant content is must on FAQ page. Any best web design and development company will recommend you have the FAQ page.

Contact Information Is Must

Many websites make it difficult to find the contact page or many of them don’t even have it anymore. There is a section where it says ‘Leave your details and we will contact you’. Yes it is important but if no contact details are there then many visitors will think you are not real deal and might not come back again. So, give number, email id anything that help the customer reach you rather you telling them to leave there contact details.

Don’t Waste Home Page on – Click Here

Home page is the first impression of the website, all the navigation is there, site map is there. After all first impression is the last impression. So, don’t waste your home page on ‘Click her to enter site’ thing. If the visitor is already there on your website then why you want to make an extra click to see you, after all what makes you that special. Lot of time people will get irritated and won’t even do make that click.

Irrelevant Audio

Audio files are relevant and are important, but only for specific audience or if the website is about specific purpose. IF one has corporate website or if the audio starts to play automatically then it is very irritating for the visitor. If you have audio file then always let the visitor choose whether to play it or not.

Above are 5 important tips for proper web designing. Even the platform on which the website makes the difference, companies make websites made on wordpress development company, or php development are different, so choosing them consciously becomes important. We are still searching for other important tips, once we find some we will update it in our next discussion. If you have any comments please don’t hesitate to leave one.


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One comment on “5 Simple Web Design Mistakes To Avoid
  1. lovelydeer says:

    great guide thanks for sharing 🙂

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