Phonegap Application Development: Killer Tips To Develop A High Performance Mobile App

phonegap app development

Phonegap is currently the most popular platform to come up with high performing apps for Android and iOS devices. The platform actually uses an exciting integration of CSS, HTML and JavaScript to create good looking and complicated apps in little time. However, at the same time you also need to understand these apps require some additional polishing to be perfectly optimized to the device. Here are some tips to create a faster Phonegap application development.

1. Disabling features
Phonegap allows developers to enable and disable certain device features that automatically integrate themselves to an app. As an example, enabling a devices geo-location feature will result in a faster processing. On the contrary, if you are using this feature by default it may take a few extra seconds for the map to load and you would be losing out on time and network. When you aren’t travelling, you may as well choose to disable the function using Phonegap.

2. Hear your touch!
Well, Phonegap applications allow your app to hear clicks and touches. There is a sizable difference between click and touches. Click is associated with clicking a button and starting a function but touch is any movement on the screen. While clicks may seem to be more definitive, they also take more time to get registered and consequently the app takes more time to respond to the query. With Phonegap applications you are just getting the best of both worlds.

3. A variety of libraries and interfaces
Phonegap application development follows a variety of libraries and interfaces including JQTouch, Sencha, JQuery and many more. You may also work upon two interfaces and coding framework at the same time and integrate into a single app. For developers, the ability to combine the best features of every coding interface and a huge integrated library is probably the best of things. They can be more creative and come up with unique apps that have seldom been witnessed.

4.CSS Animations
JavaScript has given immense power to developers preferring animations. For game app developers, there isn’t a better alternative but they also seem to be slower and consume more RAM. Using PhoneGap, you can beneficially integrate JavaScript and CSS3 to get a wholesome application.

5.App testing
Phonegap development companies don’t just have the advantage of a heavily integrated coding framework but it is also a more powerful platform to test performance. Phonegap applications come with simulators that imitate the settings of target devices and check for optimization. This allows developers to judge how well the app performs on the device.

Phonegap application development has certainly made the job easier and more interesting for app developers. It is currently the perfect platform to create and interact wills all your applications.


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