10 Questions You Should Ask To a PHP Web Development Company

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When you are new to web development and looking for a web Development Company for your web development requisites, hiring the right company becomes a difficult task. Often, people new to the business are not able to understand all the technical terms and jargon used in the software and web development industry. Also, it becomes difficult for them to differentiate between the two web development organizations in terms of quality they will offer. Moreover, there are doubts about which of these companies will be able to do justice with all the specifications required.

Here are some imperative questions that can help you decide which PHP web development company you should hire in order to get desired results and captivating websites:

  1. The first thing which you must ask your potential PHP developer is “Can I check your portfolio”. By checking their portfolio you can have a look at their previous works and can figure out whether the websites that they have developed for other clients match with what you are expecting or not.
  2. The second important question that you must as is “Are you going to make my website search engine friendly by optimizing its code for search engines”. Today, the competition on the online platform is very high, and if you do not have a search engine friendly site with an optimized code your website may not be able to deliver its optimum potential.
  3. Third question should be “Would I be able to grow my website with the growth of my company”. Scalability is another important feature that must be incorporated in the website as you cannot afford to get a new website developed every time you expand your company.
  4. Next question should be “Would you use some template to design my website”. Every website has its own unique requisites related to the business its going to serve. Thus, a pre-designed template will not be able to do satisfy all your specifications. You need a custom designed website.
  5. The fifth question should be “Will you give a fresh look to my website”. Studies show that search engines are becoming very stringent in ranking websites and the factors which work in the favor of websites include fresh and unique looks, original content etc.
  6. Another imperative question is “Do you use version control?” Version control is a methodology which helps in tracking changes in the code and it must be used in every website.
  7. “Do you possess an established methodology for tracking bugs? Do you possess a bug database?” This information is necessary to ensure a flawless website working smoothly with any errors.
  8. The next significant question is “Do you indulge in doing user testing” as user testing is very important to ensure proper working of website.
  9. Also, do not forgets to ask about “What all channels do you have through which your clients can communicate with you” as your PHP web development company should be easily accessible.
  10. Last but not the least question should be “Would I be able to update my website myself”?

These are the questions you should ask before hiring any PHP web development company. Still confused? Then please contact Satvik Infotech to get ultimate solution for your needs.


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