Are You Losing Customers? 10 Things You Should Know To Convert Customers on Your Ecommerce Store

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Ecommerce stores are everywhere across the internet and people are seen thriving these stores to shop for everything they need. This has led to frenzy amongst these e-store owners to convert visitors into dedicated customers. But somehow, they fail to capitalize on opportunities that are completely in their scope and power. If these things are taken care of during eCommerce web development, then these store owners can be assured of better conversion rates.

Formulas to adopt for converting visitors to customers

Listed here with are 10 sure shot methods to convert customers when they visit your website.

1. Standard images
This is very critical for success. Use only high quality pictures of products to attract customers. Visitors will shoo away from shabby presentation and images. Have these pictures from different angles to provide clarity and aid selection.

2. Good product description
The description you provide for your products needs to be comprehensive. This renders complete understanding about your product and provokes visitors to purchase them.

3. Support is the key
People often ignore support. Once the sale is done, forgeting about it is the usual tendency; however, this is not correct. When you provide after sales support, trust increases with regards to your site and this in turn provides repeat business.

4. Varied options to pay
Most of the people who purchase online are wary of sharing credit card details. This makes it a wise decision to provide multiple options to make payments. This can act as a booster for more conversions.

5. Promote, promote and promote
Techniques you use for selling need to be structured around different channels. This will boost the number of visitors to your site and convert them into your customers. It is better if you use responsive web design during your ecommerce web development initiative.

6. Search and filter option
Good navigation, proper search options and collaborative filter options are needed to support buyers to find the right product. The least time they spend in finding their pick, better it is for you.

7. Comparison charts
It again needs to be stressed here that just having a responsive web design and an ecommere store running is not enough. You need to build trust. If you allow visitors to compare prices, they will know that their choice is right. This further will build trustworthiness.

8. Reviews are important
Reading testimonials and reviews from past customers always creates an impression on new buyers. Hence, allow people the option to review your site and products. Importantly, if you sell bad things, good reviews can never be accepted. So you know what is suggested here.

9. Promise and deliver
Customer love when they get what is preached. So when you promise to deliver goods in certain time, DO IT!

10. Don’t keep them in dark
If you expect to charge for shipping, mention it clearly. If you ask for shipping charges on delivery, this will frustrate customers. So be honest and mention every detail on your website regarding these charges if any.

So follow these 10 tips to boost customer trust and eventually watch your conversion rate accentuating.

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