How Responsive Web Design Can Increase Conversion From Mobile Devices?

mobile conversionGoogle is the biggest promoter of responsive web design. One of the most popular tech news portals, Mashable claimed that 2013 was the year of responsive website design. But still wondering if responsive web design is a solution for increasing mobile conversations and leveraging higher revenues? Read on folks.

The sales of mobile devices have gone beyond what was anticipated by the experts of the niche and it is still increasing at a fast pace all across the world. According to a recent report, more than 55% of USA based mobile consumers have smartphones today. If you are a business who wants to tap your share of revenues from this smartphone and tablet era, you need to enhance the mobile experience of your website.

Why Responsive Web Design?

This particular design type is a liquid and flexible layout that is capable to adjust itself effectively to fit all different sizes of screens, devices and resolutions. In a layman language, whether you access your website from a smartphone, a table or from your desktop system, you will find that the website is automatically getting adjusted to various devices such that your user experience isn’t compromised.

Even if you experiment with your browser window by making it smaller and larger, all content of a responsive web design will shrink and enlarge automatically to ensure same user experience. Isn’t it cool?

Here are some key reasons that contribute to the immense popularity and booming demand of responsive website design. This will help you learn why hiring responsive website design India based company makes a smart choice.


responsive web designYou two need to build different websites – one for desktop users and another dedicated to mobile user. You simply need to invest time and money in a single web development. Besides this, a responsive website is a key to provide your site visitors with a cohesive brand experience, no matter if they are accessing your website using their lapt0p, smartphone or tablet.

A Big SEO Advantage

All the backlinks and social media bookmarks are directed to one website URL. So, this shall not come as a big surprise to you that Google advocates for responsive websites.

Effective Content Sharing on Social Media

effective content sharing

When you have developed a responsive website for your business or blog, there is only one URL all your site visitors will encounter while sharing content across different social media platforms. The users will be guaranteed of optimal view from all devices.

Web Traffic Analysis Becomes Easy And Quick

You get one stop destination to have a comprehensive idea of your web traffic.

A Full-Proof Web Design Solution

No matter which new mobile device is launched into the market in the upcoming years, responsive website can adjust to all devices by shifting the content to the needed resolution.

To conclude your product or service based website has to look same on all mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, and on the desktop computer. Responsive web design is the answer. Not just it will save you a huge chunk of money but increase conversion rate of your website.

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