Essential Qualities of an ASP.NET Developer

Many a times, companies get confused about what they should be looking for when planning to hire an ASP.NET developer or what purposes can the developer resolve. Going with the wrong developer finally leads to great dissatisfaction along with loss of financial resources and time. The most common confusion is failing to understand the difference between ASP.NET development and design. Developers as such use several programming languages to reach a concrete goal but it is the job of the hirer to ensure that the professional has expertise enough and has the capability to deliver in time and in perfect quality specifications. So what are the specific things to look out for?

Dependability and honesty
This should be a no-brainer tip, but it can mean a lot when investing your money in a developer. Not only is your money is at stake but also your reputation and brand image. A sub-quality developer will only mean a downgraded product and we all understand how fast information and reputation spreads on internet. Don’t try to cut corners or settle for someone “good enough”. Your webpage or app deserves the best of experts to be working behind it. A thorough background check will reveal the true quality of a developer. Make sure you have the proper references and past clients of the developer who can recommend his service. This might require you to spend up a little extra but it will help in the long run.

Effective problem solving ability
Webpage or app development isn’t a booking process. Every day, new technologies are being added and customers and clients are coming up with unique demands. The ASP.NET developer you choose should be able to give you quality along with creativity. They should have a reputation for being able to rise to the occasion and come up with unique ideas that “saves the day”.

Many independent developers promise that the sky is the limit to their products but only a few are able to provide it. ASP.NET developers don’t just need to have the best infrastructure but also the right brains in the team. A group of developers working on your project always gives a better output than a single boasting freelancer. Further, working in a team makes them more flexible to shortened deadlines, added requirements and similar other things.

When looking for an ASP.NET development company, do some research and settle for the best. While there are many service providers, a few are qualified for your job

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How To Hire The Efficient Front End Developer?


The front end development is the development of the various parts the website that comes into direct interaction with the user. These elements are the combination of the technology and aesthetics. When you hire front end developer, you must ensure that he uses the combination of the programming tools and designing skills to make the website look its best. The efficient front end development would ensure that the website has great aesthetic appeal combined with latest tools. The task of the front end developer would not just end at designing the website at the time of launch but he needs to update the website regularly to keep it in line with the current trends. The knowledge of the market and the changes in its trends of the market must be tracked well for the professional front end development.

The front end developer may be hired only if you find him fit for the role. You can make this selection by following the below tips.

The experience of the developer would speak for him. The substantial experience in website development will help the developer to carry out the entire task efficiently. The experience can be tracked in the field of the website development and also in the industry for which you want your website. The industry experience will ensure that the developer may be able to update the website well and would be able to keep it ahead of the competitors.

Basic skills
The front end developer may not be required to have hard core technical skills or IT certifications but he may surely require some knowledge of basic skills. These basic skills include CSS, HTML, testing, design, JAVA script and also the knowledge of the server-side technologies to get good results. These basic skills will help you hire front end developer to carry out the programming task for the website.

Soft Skills and market knowledge
Front end developer will not be having only technical designing responsibilities and hence he may require other skills too. The market knowledge would ensure that the website is in line with the competitors. The soft skills like management and communication would help the developer to interact with the visitors well.

The college internship may have certain projects but the professional experience of handling the projects would add to the efficiency of the developer. The experienced developer who has worked on different projects may be good choice but if you appreciate talent then you may also opt for hiring the quick learners. The quick learners will grasp the situation well and would fit into any project with little training.

You may hire front end developer based on the above tips and be sure that your website will serve your business purpose.

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Biotech, nuclear fusion, and bitcoin: Highlights of Y Combinator’s summer 2014 class


If startups are the future of technology and Y Combinator is the future of the startup industry, then YC Demo Day is like a little glimpse into the future of the future. Or at least, the trends that are next to hit technology companies. You don’t have to wait for CES to look into the crystal ball.

This year’s themes come down to bitcoin, science, and the “Ubers of.”


Helion is building what it calls the world’s first commercial nuclear fusion reactor and UPower is building a small-scale nuclear fission reactor. No big deal. As Helion’s founder put it eloquently, “Fusion is really, really hard.”

Fusion wasn’t alone in the hard science category. There was also a startup called Bikanta tackling cancer detection using “nanodiamonds” – an imaging material that makes it easier to see unhealthy nodes in a body. A company called uBiome wants to study gut bacteria by…

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Responsive Web Design and Its Importance For Your Business

responsive web design

All businesses are going online and the website is becoming the primary platform for marketing and establishing any business. The customers usually check the website before entering into business with any company. If you are having your business online or even if your business is not established online, you may definitely have the website that works for the popularity of your website. The website being such an important platform, it has further been important for the website owners to come up with the responsive website design for their customers. The responsive design is the need of the current internet era and hence every business may start looking for the responsive design to get the maximum benefit from their business.

Responsive Website Design – Introduction

The responsive website is the website that works on each and every platform. It can be browsed from any browser and hence the popularity of such website is quite high. The website users are now browsing the websites from various devices like tablet, Smartphone, laptop or desktop. The browsing of the website on the move has become quite popular with more and more use of the Smartphone for the same. The responsive website would be the one that is conveniently browsed from any of these devices and fits the screen size well.

Why you need the responsive website design?

The visitors of the website would enjoy browsing the website only if it is having the user friendly format that can be browsed as per their convenience. When the website is visited from the mobile, it becomes important that it is in readable and understandable form so that the user can browse it comfortably. The online shopping portals may become instantly popular if they are available for all the platforms. The benefits of the responsive website are given here to help you understand its need for your business.

    • Better business opportunity as the users may be able to visit the website anytime and from anywhere. There would be no restriction or boundaries while shopping as the online shopping portals would be able to offer shopping from mobiles and tablets.
    • More visitors and website traffic as the users of all types of dev ices would visit the website. The users may browse the website on the move and hence they may spend more time on the website.
    • Faster browsing as the website adapts to the screen size well. The user may enjoy faster browsing experience and hence they will return to the website again and again.

There are many benefits of the responsive website design and hence every business is now looking for such website to get the best business opportunities online.

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Why Satvik Infotech Is The Best Choice For WordPress Web Development


Satvik Infotech takes pride in its solid number of years of experience in designing and developing beautiful and reliable websites for clients across the globe. However, WordPress has given us the power to do more and capitalize on our competencies for creativity and guaranteeing the unique. We have been working for both small and large businesses across the country and abroad and have been the technology partners in several industries. Here’s the reason why we have been able to keep our promises and clients happy:

1. Satvik Infotech is all about professional approach to WordPress web development and a host of online solutions.
2. We work strictly according to the expectations and preferences of our clients and try to add value to their investment at every step
3. Our infrastructure involves the latest technologies and web interfaces, techniques, tools and web solutions that help us create a unique experience
4. We are constantly updated and our solutions confer to the latest in industry standards
5. Finally, Satvik Infotech is a team of high qualified and passionate individuals who come from diverse industry backgrounds and thorough knowledge in WordPress web design, web development, branding, logo, game development, internet marketing and other web and mobile solutions

WordPress gives out developer the extra capability to customize your website according to the changing needs of the marketplace. It is probably the easiest and more flexible platform that we have worked with and with over a decade of working experience now, we understand that anything can be created out of a WordPress dashboard. In an average, it only takes a few hours to a day at maximum for our experts to get the layout of your personalized website ready with WordPress. We also advise WordPress Web development because it is easier for clients to understand the possibilities and even handle the backend of the interface. WordPress gives full control to the entrepreneur and it only takes a couple of quality session to be knowledgeable enough about its working. They necessary don’t need to be expert coders to be able to bring about subtle changes in the interface as a when required. In addition to flexibility, WordPress has also risen in popularity since it is an open source platform and free to use. WordPress provides tens of thousands of templates that can be customized as per the personality and requirements of a brand and setting up a website is so much easier. As it is, working with WordPress is much cheaper for online businesses across industries.

With Satvik Infotech you can be fully assured that your WordPress website is completely secured and generates all the expected traffic. We aren’t just about the money but we love creating websites!


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Phonegap Application Development: Killer Tips To Develop A High Performance Mobile App

phonegap app development

Phonegap is currently the most popular platform to come up with high performing apps for Android and iOS devices. The platform actually uses an exciting integration of CSS, HTML and JavaScript to create good looking and complicated apps in little time. However, at the same time you also need to understand these apps require some additional polishing to be perfectly optimized to the device. Here are some tips to create a faster Phonegap application development.

1. Disabling features
Phonegap allows developers to enable and disable certain device features that automatically integrate themselves to an app. As an example, enabling a devices geo-location feature will result in a faster processing. On the contrary, if you are using this feature by default it may take a few extra seconds for the map to load and you would be losing out on time and network. When you aren’t travelling, you may as well choose to disable the function using Phonegap.

2. Hear your touch!
Well, Phonegap applications allow your app to hear clicks and touches. There is a sizable difference between click and touches. Click is associated with clicking a button and starting a function but touch is any movement on the screen. While clicks may seem to be more definitive, they also take more time to get registered and consequently the app takes more time to respond to the query. With Phonegap applications you are just getting the best of both worlds.

3. A variety of libraries and interfaces
Phonegap application development follows a variety of libraries and interfaces including JQTouch, Sencha, JQuery and many more. You may also work upon two interfaces and coding framework at the same time and integrate into a single app. For developers, the ability to combine the best features of every coding interface and a huge integrated library is probably the best of things. They can be more creative and come up with unique apps that have seldom been witnessed.

4.CSS Animations
JavaScript has given immense power to developers preferring animations. For game app developers, there isn’t a better alternative but they also seem to be slower and consume more RAM. Using PhoneGap, you can beneficially integrate JavaScript and CSS3 to get a wholesome application.

5.App testing
Phonegap development companies don’t just have the advantage of a heavily integrated coding framework but it is also a more powerful platform to test performance. Phonegap applications come with simulators that imitate the settings of target devices and check for optimization. This allows developers to judge how well the app performs on the device.

Phonegap application development has certainly made the job easier and more interesting for app developers. It is currently the perfect platform to create and interact wills all your applications.

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How To Select The Best Magento Development Company To Develop Your Ecommerce Website

magento development Satvik Infotech

According to the latest statistics, Magento maintains a stable share of 26% in over 1 million sites. This is a quarter of the websites present globally and shows Magento’s potential and popularity among web developers and clients. The numbers are growing each year since magento has been launched and offer ecommerce retailers a variety of advantages over other platforms. While we understand how crucial a Magento solution could be, it is also important that you choose a qualified and experienced service provider for the right solutions. Web development is a sphere where you can easily lose money, not because of the carelessness of the Magento development company but more of his unwillingness. So, how to differentiate between different providers?

Regardless of whether you are new to the ecommerce business or just want to switch to magento from a different platform, it is necessary to find the right partner. The common questions anyone would ask would be about the experience of a Magento development company, client testimonials and feedbacks, work rates, and client handling experience. It is good to look into the portfolio of every company you would like to consider being your technology partner. See if they have enough certified developers and if the past clients are happy enough with their job. This information is easy to find and will make you choose more confidently. Further, it is also important that you would be able to work with them and that they are experienced and understanding in communicating with clients.

Once you have narrowed down the search for a Magento development company based upon feedbacks and reputations, it’s time to look into the budget they quote. In most cases, this will be proportional to the amount and the quality of the work expected of them. Usual project costs will include elements like licensing (ex: Magento EE), payment processing fees, hosting costs, marketing campaigns, shipping and many other. Some of these costs might even be project specific. It will be better to know what all you are required to pay for.

Apart from the general project costs, there are additional investments required for processes that are closely related to the product/service you are associated with. Every industry and product will require a separate planning strategy including the design elements, the device responsiveness and multichannel integration. The design and development part constitutes the most variable costs depending on the custom features that your website requires. The post development support and optimization procedures too would be different with different projects and so will be the cost.

The final choice of a magento development company shouldn’t be dependent solely on the price but the quality of service and the customer support they provide. Taking care of things beforehand will result in continuous growth.

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